This is probably the most often asked question we hear. The answer depends on factors such as genetics, medications, hormones and environmental factors.

Hair Loss in Men and Hair Loss in Women are different in their appearance but some of the contributing factors may be the same.

Male: Norwood-Hamilton Scale

Men typically will lose their hair progressively in a pattern similar to the chart to the left.

Women’s hair loss is generally diffused on the top of the head.

The “root cause” of hair loss in most men and women is dihydrotestosterone, also known as DHT. As DHT levels rise, this can cause more of a problem and affect the hair follicle. DHT can shrink the follicle making it almost impossible for any healthy hair to survive.

“My mother has always had thinning hair.”

“My father was bald at the age of 45. Does that mean it will happen to me?”

Genetics plays a key role in thinning hair and hair loss in both men and women. The degree of hair loss over time may or may not be similar to someone in your family history.

A Free Hair Analysis May Help

A Free Hair and Scalp Analysis is available in our hair clinic, conveniently located near O’Hare Airport in Des Plaines, Illinois. This analysis will allow us to determine the overall health of your hair as well as the best means for keeping your hair healthy or restoring the hair you’ve lost.


At Keith’s Ltd we can create a healthy environment for hair growth, help to inhibit the progression of your hair loss and calm your fears of continued hair loss.

Stress and Diet are factors in thinning hair and hair loss that many people may underestimate. Your hair requires certain nutrients and vitamins for healthy hair growth. These factors can be dealt with using our MEDIceuticals hair treatment products which deliver some vital nutrients needed.

Female: Ludwig Scale



Women who experience a change in hormonal balances, either from pregnancy, child birth, birth control or menopause may experience temporary or progressive thinning hair or hair loss. Some people also suffer from Alopecia Totalis or have hair loss due to the effects of Chemotherapy. We can help with that as well!

Whatever your reason for hair loss, Keith’s Ltd. HAS the solution.

It works. Guaranteed.

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