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OUR HAIR REPLACEMENT STUDIO Has Been Helping People of all walks of life and all ages LOOK YOUNGER & Feel More confident for over 40 Years!


Serving the Greater Chicagoland Area. For MEN & WOMEN. We give every one of our clients Exceptional Customer Service & Some of the Most Experienced, Friendly Stylists who will make sure YOU LOOK GREAT!



Look Younger. Feel More Confident. Regain your appearance.

As a leader in our Industry, we stay current with the latest in hair & process technology. See some testimonials below…


"When I lost a significant amount of hair and kept hearing people guess my age as much older than what I was, I went to Keith’s, Ltd in Des Plaines and they “understood” my needs. They were very helpful, came up with great solutions, made me feel comfortable and they gave me “natural looking” hair. I look younger and feel better. I’ve been going there for over 20 years now. They offer Great Customer Service and in my opinion Keith’s Ltd is absolutely one of the BEST! I highly recommend them." A.S.

"Keith’s Ltd. is the most caring, high quality, friendly hair replacement and hair service place in the world. I have gone there for almost 20 years, and it is one long drive from my house, but it is well worth it for me. My stylist, Britt, is terrific. When she is not available, I have used other stylists and always been very satisfied with each one of them. Those who know me would suggest I am one very particular guy. I highly recommend Keith's Ltd." A.G.

"I’ve been coming to Keith’s for over 20 years, they’re GREAT!" A.B.

"I have been going to Keith’s Ltd. for over 16 years and they have been great! My stylist has been there the entire time, and always does a great job with my hair replacement system. I’m always happy when I depart because you can’t even tell that is a replacement, do to how natural it looks. Throughout the years I’ve also met all the other staff members and they are also very friendly. I genuinely recommend Keith’s Ltd for anyone who wants to tackle their hair loss and learn about all the great options they can offer." G.R.

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We will show YOU the right solution to help YOU look younger, feel more confident, with More HAIR!

Keith's Limited Hair Replacement Studio

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The Sign of Excellence for Over 40 Years!

Britt | President and Head Stylist | Keiths Limited

“We Guarantee we will do everything in our power to find the right solution to your hair loss needs. After more than 40 years, Keith’s Ltd has the experience to help almost everyone look better and regain their self-confidence. Call today for an appointment for a Free Analysis” – Britt, President and Head Stylist